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It's time for your hidden lumberjack to emerge.

Chill Axe Throwing

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Axe throwing near north huntingdon, pa

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What is Axe Throwing All About?

Isn’t this something for Canadian Lumberjacks?  Well no! Our east Pittsburgh axe throwing location brings a new level of fun and excitement to a day or evening out.  Axe throwing is fun for family & friends or for corporate groups, company team building, and celebrating birthday parties or other special events. We supply the axes and targets, you supply the fun!

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Axe Throwing is a Perfect Event for Bachelor Parties Birthday Parties Company Team Building Events Friends just having Fun After Work Get Togethers

Join us for a truly fun Axeperience!  Book online with a group of friends, date night, blow off some steam, private parties including: Bachelor/Bachelorette, Gender Reveals, Holiday, and Birthday Celebrations, Corporate Events or Team Building.  You could even join a League.

Join our axe coaches for a 1-2 hours of a little friendly competition.  We know what you are thinking, “I can’t throw an axe!”  Sure, you can, for as intense as axe throwing seems, it is relatively easy to learn. Most people that come in have never thrown an axe, but with the help of our instructors, you will learn how to hold an axe, how to throw an axe, safety precautions and the thrill of sticking that axe!  Our instructors will be with you during your session to assist and help keep score. 

In no time you'll be throwing bullseyes!

Axe throwing near north huntingdon, pa

All about us

ChillAxe is thrilled to bring axe throwing to North Huntingdon. 

Come on, everyone knows axes are one of mankind’s oldest tools, but, aye, leave it to the Canadians to make it into amusement!    Axe throwing is a traditional past time for over a decade in Canada but has recently entered the United States-and NOW in your neighborhood!

We are in Banco Business Park just off Main Street near the Hahntown Fire Department in North Huntingdon.

Anyone can throw an axe!

Well… we’d like to think they can!  With a couple basic steps you will be well on your way! 

Your first step is YOUR GRIP:  Position your dominant hand around the axe handle bottom, place your other hand over your dominant hand and cross your thumbs. 

Second Step is all in YOUR STANCE:  Hold the axe out towards the front of your body.  Line the blade as straight as you can to the target. Make sure you point the sharp edge of the axe towards the target and not towards yourself. (we know) Put your non-dominant foot forward. 

Then there is THE WIND-UP:  It’s a rocking motion- Rock your body forward with the axe out towards the target and then rock your body backward keeping your grip on the axe and straight over your head. 

Now, what you’ve been waiting for, THE RELEASE:  Bring that axe forward quickly and let it go toward the target keeping your arms extended and following through.  We bet after a couple times you’ll be “sticking it”!

anyone can throw an axe